Church Service & Covid-19

As of April 11th, we are only Livestreaming.

(This has been suspended as of April 11th) We are open for in-person services with limited capacity. We will still be livestreaming services. Before attending Sunday worship services, please watch the video and read the important information below. Registration with the office is required.


In-Person Worship Protocols and Information

Trinity Christian Reformed Church has taken a cautious approach in responding to the COVID-19  pandemic. As a family in Christ, nurturing your spiritual health is our primary concern.  However, the threat that COVID-19 presents to our physical health is real and dangerous, and  the public health restrictions that have been imposed have also affected us emotionally and  mentally. As we attempt to balance all of this and pray for God to provide wisdom, the  leadership at Trinity has developed the following plan in preparation to return to in-person  worship services.

Currently (Friday, September 25, 2020) our region is in Stage 3 of the Ontario Government’s  reopening plan. In this stage in-person religious services are permitted to resume at 30% of  seating capacity and subject to all current Public Health Restrictions of the Ontario Government  and must abide by the Advice of the Ministry of Health and Ontario Legislation including the  Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. Currently Trinity leadership is not allowing  access to balcony seating and we are restricting seating on the main floor to 60 people,  including those leading and supporting the service. If you are uncomfortable gathering in a  group this large, please do not attend. Your physical, mental, and emotional health are  important, and we ask that you care for them as we find ways to help you fulfill your spiritual  needs. Attendees to in-person worship services must abide by the following requirements.

You must NOT attend if you or someone in your household:

Think you have Coronavirus (COVID-19) or have been in close contact with  someone who has it. 

Have any symptoms compatible with COVID-19, cough, fever, shortness of  breath, runny nose, or sore throat etc.

Live in or work in a facility known to be experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19. 

- In the last 14 days have travelled to an affected area (hot spot) including inside  of Canada or have been in a large public gathering where you were unable to  properly physical distance.

Have been in close contact with someone that has been out of the country  within the past 14 days.

You are required to reserve a seat for the service by email to or by calling the Administrative Assistant. Reservations will be accepted from Tuesday to Thursday before the Sunday service. You may only reserve seats for those in your household. After placing your request please do not  assume that a spot has been reserved for you. You will receive a confirmation email or phone call to confirm that there is a spot for you. If all seats are reserved, you will be offered a seat for the following Sunday service.

Please arrive early for the service. All attendees will be screened for symptoms of  COVID-19 prior to entering the building (we will not be taking your temperature). This will take some time; we appreciate your patience.

You will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering the church and to wear a facemask when

in the building. Please provide your own facemask. According to the Ontario Government face coverings should not be placed on or used by: children under the age of two. If the following applies to you, we recommend that you do NOT attend the service: anyone who has trouble breathing, anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance

Respect physical distancing of 6’ (2m) between social circles “your bubble of 10 contacts” at all times; outside, entering the building, using the building, and departing, including in the parking lot. 

All doors will be positioned open. Please follow entrance and exit directions. An usher  will assist with seating to ensure proper physical distancing between groups. 

Families with young children are welcome however there will not be Sunday School, or  Nursery provided. The nursery will not be accessible, a change table is available in the  family washroom.

All washrooms will be open. They should be considered unsanitary as they will not be  sanitized after individual use. Wash/sanitize your hands after using the washroom.  Parents should supervise their children using the washroom.

At this time, due to the way the virus is transmitted, the government is strongly  discouraging singing at services. Singing while wearing a mask does not necessarily  prevent transmission and could also create a situation where the person overheats and  has difficulty breathing. We encourage you to express your praise in other creative  ways, however if you choose, we ask that you sing or hum softly with your mask on. 

The only areas of the church that will be open are the plaza, washrooms, lower level of  the sanctuary and the Studio for Council to meet prior to the service. All other areas of  the church are not accessible including the kitchen and the library.

Upon completion of the service ushers will direct people to leave row by row to exit the building while respecting physical distancing.

Attendees may provide an offering in the box at the welcome centre upon exiting the plaza. Offerings

may also be submitted by PAR, e-transfer, or mail.

There will not be coffee served after the service. We encourage you to meet later with  those in your social bubble to fellowship and discuss the message.

Please note, Live-stream worship services will continue to be offered as always.

These requirements are subject to change as government requirements change. These requirements are in place to protect everyone. Following these requirements will  reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 however it WILL NOT ELIMINATE the risk. If you feel ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 and you have been involved in a worship service at Trinity church, please report this to your family doctor. Out of courtesy to your Trinity family please notify Trinity staff as well.