New Life Tabernacle Church

itezhi-tezhi - Zambia

This church was built as part of Trinity’s Faith Raising Journey in 2010. Pastor Daniel, Florence and a team from Zambia prayed daily at 5am and 5pm during Trinity’s Faith Raising Journey. As a result of God’s goodness, Trinity met their full tithe and New Life Tabernacle was built.

Since then, New Life Tabernacle now has 30 branch churches, 25 trained pastors and over 1000 members. They also support Impact Zambia and the transformational work being done through the school and training centre. Trinity continues to support New Life Tabernacle as they continue to build God’s kingdom in Africa.

Impact Zambia - Life Impact Training Centre

In 2012 the training centre began with the help of New Life Tabernacle Church and Cell Ministries. This centre provides vocational skills and spiritual development for some of the poorest communities in Zambia.

Many from our congregation have had the opportunity to travel to Zambia and teach various life skills such as sewing, finance, agriculture... and more. Trinity continues to support Impact Zambia as they work towards expanding. They currently have a thatched training centre, workshop, kitchen, accommodations, a stocked pond and gardens. Below is a site plan of their goal. We look forward to continuing our support and witnessing the work that God is doing to equip our brothers and sisters in Zambia.